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my little big girl

I just wanted to say that my beautiful daughter Allyra started to walk yesterday. She is only two weeks short of her first birthday and I was just saying the other day that I would love her to walk by her birthday party. Anyway yesterday I gave Deakyn (my son) a biscuit, I went over to Dean my partner and offered him one. He said no but little Allyra spotted it and was like YES PLEASE! She was standing up at the time and took a few steps towards me without holding onto anything. I was like oh my god and Dean and I were just staring in amazement. So I started coaching her with the biscuit. Give her alittle bit then move back a bit and sure enough it wasn't a fluke she walked again and again. Dean I were so excited that he was down on the floor with me and we were getting her to walk back and forth. I video taped her later that night so now we have it on film. I'm so excited and so proud. I really wasn't expecting it I thought she would walk soon but didn't think she would just do it like that. Anyway I'm just rambling.

Congrats baby girl, mummy loves you.
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