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It was little Allyra's first birthday yesterday and I cant believe it. I still remember being in the operating room having her. I remember thinking wow it really is a girl and that she looked so much smaller than Deakyn. Now she has six teeth (three up top three down the bottom it looks so cute) and is walking around all the time. I cant believe it has gone so quickly she still seems like a baby to me. I went in there this morning when she woke up and hugged her so tight calling her my little one year old. Heres some pics from yesterday.

This is Allyra in the morning playing with her favourite toys 'the fridge magnets'

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This is her with the birthday cake (or cakes we made) we'll have a big one for her party

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This is one of Allyra and Deakyn (he really just wanted a photo)

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And this is Allyra getting really excited about the cake Mum bought over
Later that night, isnt Ally cute.

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well thats it for now I'll post more photos after her birthday party.
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