Mrs. Vanessa Ortega (littlerocknroll) wrote in punkrockmoms,
Mrs. Vanessa Ortega

in search of...

im looking for "experts" to write for an in the works website.
i need four to five people to write articles, etc for the following catagories...
. music (interviews, reviews, pictures, etc)
. crafts (tutorials, ideas, showcasing different artists)
. parenting (product reviews, musings, ideas, answer advice questions)
. hair make up fashion (how to's, resources, salon reviews, product/store reviews, dos/donts--pics too)
. (i can think of anymore. what would YOU want to read about?)

the website will have a section for myspace-like profiles, free auctions, interactive forum, and will be geared towards the punk rock moms, the rocknroll wives, and otherwise "alternative" women. kind of a + punk rock domestics.

email me if youre interested in writing, or would like to be informed when the site is up and ready to go.

reposting would be appriciated. :)
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