☆ Stop Listening to the Static ☆ (warzau_kitten) wrote in punkrockmoms,
☆ Stop Listening to the Static ☆

8pm chat anyone going??? How about the 9 or 11??

These are the new permanant daily chats....every day!!

9 am eastern
1pm eastern
2 pm eastern
4 pm eastern
8pm eastern
9pm eastern
11pm eastern

Is anyone available to hostess for any other chats, any time you desire???
No experience necessary, just go to chat and have everyone start with introducing themselves and it takes off from there!


Please send out bulletins on your myspace, instant messenger lists, Live Journals, Blogs, email, and anywhere you can to other moms and moms to be to join in the chats!

All you have to do is come to the chat room, put in a desired screen name and enter.
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